Yandy Smith hails from the United States of America. She also happens to be a brand manager for the brand in the genre of lifestyle known as Everything Girls Love. She has achieved an enormous amount of fame for Love and Hip Hop which is featured on VH1 and is one of it’s popular reality tv shows. Yandy Smith also happens to be a very successful entrepreneur. She is also an Executive Assistant Director for a management office known as Violator Management. She is also a manager of the famous rapper Jim Jones.

Personal Life

Yandy Smith was born in Harlem on the 21st of March in the year of 1982. Yandy Smith happens to be her real nae at birth and Aries happens to be her Zodiac Sign. Yandy’ father is Ralph Smith and her mother is Laura Smith. Yandy also happens to have a brother by the name of Juelz Santana. Much information regarding her brother, her family or her early childhood days in general are not known to her fans and the public in general.

Yandy is an American by nationality and is of an African-America ethnicity.

Yandy Smith completed her graduation from the famous Howard University which is situated in Washington DC and has earned herself a degree in the field of Business Management. A tv show named A Different World which was on air in the early 90’s has said to have inspired Yandy to go to college and earn herself a college degree. The show was based on Black Students studying in a college in Virginia.


After having completed her graduation degree, Yandy decided to move to California to pursue her career in the entertainment industry. She worked in the capacity of a executive assistant at Violator Management. Yandy has said to have paid off her student debt from her job at Violator Management. She then landed a job with Warner Brothers Music and was a manger for the rapper Jim Jones. She then went on to establish her own lifestyle fashion brand named Everything Girls Love. She has also written for a magazine called EGL. Andy had been bestowed he honor of being Billboard’s top 30 under 30 executives.

Yandy’s first major role was on Love and Hip Hop in New York which was a VH1 reality series in the year of 2011. She was a lead actress for the second and third season too. Yandy was also a producer of Life, Love, Soul which was an independent feature film which was released in the year of 2012.

Last Modified: Nov 12, 2018

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