Tati Westbrook is known as an American internet personality, YouTuber, and make-up artist. She is most famous for her make up tutorials on Youtube.

Background and Age

Tatiana Alexsandra Westbrook was born on February 14, 1982, in Seattle, Washington. She was born to Janis and Cindy Krievins. She is one of the three little girls born in her family. She experienced childhood close by her two more youthful sisters, Erika Krievins and Sabrina Krievins.

She was consistently keen on designs and art. Before starting her career as a YouTuber, Westbrook worked as a photographer. She relocated to Los Angeles, worked as a cosmetics artist for quite a while, and chose to start her very own YouTube channel in 2010, where she imparted her affection for cosmetics to individuals who are passionate about make-up and other beauty tips. The channel started to develop as watchers confided in her reviews, counsel, conclusions, and proposals. Before long, what started as a hobby transformed into an undeniable profession and earned her an easily recognized name.

Career and Net Worth

The popular beauty blogger propelled her very own beauty line, Halo Beauty which created contentions and negative feedback online over a questionable ingredient. The Halo Beauty Hair, Skin, and Nails Booster were said to contain an ingredient called saw palmetto, which is known to meddle with conception prevention.

To address and respond to questions and concerns raised by her fans, and allegations from haters, Tati did an exceptionally long video on her YouTube Channel, dissipating all gossipy tidbits about her beauty supplement and the dubious ingredient. In the video, she clarified that the best natural chemists, doctors and warning board helped in the production of the product and that the product doesn't meddle with anti-conception medication or get anybody pregnant.

In October 2019, beauty blogger Tati Westbrook propelled her own cosmetics line. Tati Beauty has been really taking shape and denotes her first namesake beauty brand. The collection as of now just includes a 24-dish eyeshadow palette in six distinct tones in both sparkle and matte. Evaluated at $48, the product is vegetarian and brutality free.

Westbrook made the declaration on her YouTube channel, where she appeared with the product. The news comes a long time after Westbrook's notorious fight with James Charles in a cursing YouTube video, prompting him losing in excess of a million supporters.

Marriage, Husband and Kids

Tati Westbrook got married to her long-term sweetheart James Westbrook in 2017. The couple at long last strolled down the walkway precisely five years after they got engaged. The beauty master broke the news to her watchers before they traded marital promises

Last Modified: Oct 10, 2021

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