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Wells Adams was born in the year 1984 and he is an American professional Radio DJ and appeared on reality TV show. He hails from Nashville of Tennessee. He became famous when he appeared on the famous reality show known as The Bachelorette in its 12 season. He was also a potential contestant for Bachelor in Paradise for its season 3. Before appearing in Bachelorette, his older brother was also a cast who appeared in the show for six years and quitted. His brother is the one who introduced Wells Adams to casting directors since they were already his friends. This is how Wells was able to enter into The Bachelorette on his turn. According to the bio on her wiki pages, Wells Adams is also known as the boyfriend of Sarah Hyland. He lives in Los Angeles and he is living in the home of Sarah

Net worth and Family

Wells was born in California. His father is called Bob Adams and worked as a businesswoman while the mother called Donna Adams was a homemaker. His family has other four siblings and he is the youngest. His siblings are Whitney Adams Mathes, Marisa Adams Adair, Cord Adams and Brett Adams. He graduated at University of Mississippi. He did broadcast journalism and had a minor in English, emphasis in Blue Anthropology and PR.

He started his career while working at iHeartRadio station and in The Rock. Afterwards, he became the radio DJ. He had his own show called KSPB. He became more famous after appearing in two seasons of The Bachelorette. His estimated net worth is 400,000 USD and he was titled to be the best DJ by Tennessean and Nashville Scene. He became the finalist for the achievement at Radio Awards in the Best New Talent. He likes to hunt birds, to cook, to make artist sandwiches, playing guitar, traveling and sports. He also listens to music. He likes Back to The Future 2, Shawshank Redemption, and Pray Misty for Me.

Facts and Girlfriend

For his dating history, he was dating Danielle Maltby first but they broke off because of unsolved issue. He met with his current girlfriend on the social media. They started their relationship when they would flirt on twitter and they decided to link up afterwards. Sarah showed some interest and she is the one who talked to Adams about a relationship. Adams also reacted positively and they started a relationship.

Other life facts about Wells are that he loves dogs and he had a segmented time on his talk show where he talks about dogs every week. He talks to the audience to know if they may be having dogs that require adoption. Together with Nashville Humane Association, they give homeless dogs, new homes. He has Instagram account of his dog and she is called Carl.


Last Modified: Nov 25, 2018

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