Reckful was known as an Israeli-American video game player, streamer, and podcaster. He was most famous for his Twitch streams and podcast, Tea Time with Byron.

Background and Age

Byron Bernstein also known as Reckful was born on May 8, 1989, Los Angeles, CA. 

Career and Net Worth

Reckful was a popular Twitch personality and World of Warcraft player. He was one of the top players on the planet for a good period of time. One of his highest accomplishments was being ranked number one for six seasons of World of Warcraft. He also won numerous different tournaments and events.

Reckful diverted his aptitude and character into a colossally successful career on Twitch, where he would stream for countless hours for his adoring fans. Notwithstanding World of Warcraft, he was known for playing different games from Asheron's Call to Hearthstone. Before he passed away, he had started a new venture. He was working on a game as an engineer called Everland, which was set to show up in 2020.


Reckful did not reveal any public information about his personal and private relationships.


In July 2020, the gaming network was shaken by a tragedy when Byron "Reckful" Bernstein passed away at 31 years old. His flatmate, ex-girlfriend, and friends broke the news. The associated cause of death was suicide, causing many gaming and esports characters to share the number of suicide hotline with their fan bases. 

On the day of his death, his Twitch channel played a replay of an old stream that was viewed by over 40,000 people. Social media platforms have been an overflowing of help for Reckful's family and friends, with everybody having only kind words to state about him. Many of his fellow Twitch streamers were hurt by the news of his death and did their best to remember and pay respects to him. Reckful's last posts on Twitter from his last couple of hours do appear to show a type of misery, yet the confusing bit is that nobody saw this coming by any means, and the gaming network was heartbroken over the misfortune.

With about a million devotees on Twitch, Reckful left behind a gigantic online following along with his friends and family. Many of his peers wanted to share a common theme with their fans by saying if you are having self-destructive musings if it's not too much trouble connect with somebody or the suicide hotline.

Last Modified: Jul 6, 2020

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