Quick facts
Birth date 6 Jul, 1971
Age 48 yrs
Occupations Sports commentator
News presenter
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Los Angeles
Education Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
University of California, Santa Barbara
Gender Male
Description American sportscaster
Spouse Liz Cho[ M. 2015]

Josh Elliott is an American TV journalist currently seen in ABC’s Good Morning America. He started his career with ESPN and was also seen in ESPNEWS programming. This 42 year old journalist has achieved a lot of success within a decade of starting his career. Though Josh Elliott is very famous for his successful career in journalism and the local Emmy Award in NY, his marriage life is infamous for women trust issues and other relationship affairs. With his rough childhood and trust issues with women, it is no surprise that Josh has major issues with many women.

His marriage with Priya Narang from Westport ended in divorce after Elliott accepted that he has been a sex addict. He was proved to have had sex after their honeymoon, with an ESPN intern. The couple has a daughter together named Sarine Elliott and Priya has the primary custody of the daughter. He left his wife very shortly after Sarine was born. He had many issues with women including Lara Spencer with whom he clashed for insignificant issues like the way the Good Morning America show should move.

Elliott is said to have a troubled childhood. He was adopted by Charles Elliot and Toni Jordan. His parents got divorced when Elliot was 12 when his father announced that he was gay. His mother then married Leo Baefsky. It is said that Josh Elliott has issues with every woman except Robin Roberts because he has high respects for her because of her earlier stints, in ESPN.

At present, he is seen with his girlfriend, Liz Cho, a WABC-TV anchor. After Liz’s marriage fell apart and divorce was filed, she started dating Josh. They were secretly dating for more than three months. There were sources that confirmed that Josh was found sneaking out of Liz’s apartment, early in the morning. There were rumors that Josh and Liz were together, before she and her husband filed for ending the marriage. There were many stories and gossips that gave him the name, ‘diva’ on the Good Morning America set. Josh was very upset about these stories and disappointed that Liz is brought into all this mess.

There are sources that inform that Josh Elliott is very insecure, when it comes to his job. He constantly asks validation from his co-workers about his work. There are news about his behavior in the Good Morning America set and rash behavior with his co-workers including his writers. Is his troubled childhood a reason for his behavior? Recently, he contacted his birth mother and said that he is happy that she did not abort him and made sure she found a good house for his better future.

With the affair, divorce and other women issues, his reputation has hit rock bottom. This single father is allowed to spend only a few hours with this daughter. Many co-workers and friends still support Josh, indicating that the media business can create a lot of mental stress. Many people accept no matter what is personal life is, he is the best man in the Good Morning America show.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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