Quick facts
Birth date 19 Jul, 1965
Age 54 yrs
Occupations Sports commentator
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Chicago
Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Gender Male
Description American sportscaster

In 2007 it was discovered that Stuart is having a malignancy and it was removed with surgery. However, he followed a chemotherapy treatment after that. Even after that, doctors discovered that Scott is still fighting with cancer in 2011, but in 2012 the disease entered in remission, but in 2013 he was once again diagnosed with cancer. His personal life was not hidden from the media, as any other TV personalities are doing.

It is known that Stuart Scott was married with Kim Scott. They went through a divorce but Stuart is still having his girls Sydni and Taelor around him, which is very helpful against fighting cancer. Her ex-wife is also interested in Stuart’s medial situation, although they do not talk like they used to do when they were married, which is very normal. Some rumors were saying that Stuart is having a girlfriend, and her name is Sandi Williams. However, it wasn’t a relationship, but the media saw them together, and that’s how the rumor of Stuart having a girlfriend started. After the divorce, Stuart was focused on his own carrier but he also tried to treat himself. During the hard times, he used Twitter to express his feeling and his own experience. Although he never said too much about himself, he never tried to hide his personal life and if he had something important to say, he did it. In addition, Stuart was always kind with the journalists and he never showed any signs of anger or anything else. The truth is that the media also respected Stuart and he was not harassed as any other American personalities, even if he is a TV personality.

Even if Stuart went through a divorce, his ex-wife is still trying to help him against cancer, and even if he was diagnosed with cancer three times during his life, he remained strong. He continued to appear on TV and he is always freely speaking of his disease. One of the reasons why he is attracting a huge number of fans is because he is not like other TV personalities. Although everyone wants a little bit of privacy, some people are simply hiding their personal lives and they don’t like to share anything about them. That’s not the case for Stuart who was always opened to interviews about his marriage, family or about his disease. Moreover he also discussed about his eye injury, but even if he had a though life he is strong enough to offer a smile with every occasion that he gets.

The reason why he separated from Kim Scott is not known exactly, but they are still talking with each other and some people are saying that there is still love between them, although none of them want to get back to the old relationship. 

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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